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Jazz is comprehensively understood as a transcultural form of music with a high proportion of improvisation.

Austria has a very lively jazz and world music scene. In order to pay more public attention to the creative musicians, the Austrian Music Council (ÖMR), together with mica-music austria, the Ö1 jazz editorial team, IG World Music and Porgy & Bess, was able to achieve the reorganization of an Austrian Jazz Award.

**The Award is financed by **

  • Federal Ministry of Arts, Culture, Civil Service and Sport (BMKÖS)
  • City of Vienna (MA 7)
  • Jam Music Lab Private University
  • Romedius GmbH

In each category, an “Academy” (committee of experts) will select 10 nominees by awarding points. A small jury selects the winners.

The categories and awards of the Austrian Jazz Award 2024 are:

  • “Best Live Act” (music project/band/ensemble/…)

    € 10,000 + concert on December 5th, 2024 and 2 follow-up concerts

  • “Best Album” (music project/album)

    € 10,000 + concert on December 5th, 2024 and 2 follow-up concerts

  • “Best Newcomer” (person with all their projects)

    € 5,000 + concert on December 5th, 2024 and 2 follow-up concerts

Proponent Committee

of the Austrian Jazz Prize 2024 (in alphabetical order):

  • Andreas Felber – Ö1 Jazz Editor
  • Christoph Huber – Porgy & Bess
  • Harald Huber – Austrian Music Council (ÖMR)
  • Katrin Pröll – IG World Music
  • Sabine Reiter – mica / music austria
  • Günther Wildner – Austrian Music Council (ÖMR)


The proponent committee of the Austrian Jazz Awards 2024 will nominate a six-member jury, which will be composed according to aspects of professional expertise and diversity, and will make a decision on the award on the basis of the nominees in the three categories.

Artists Upload Conditions

We invite you to upload your music projects. As a result, you will not only participate in the Austrian Jazz Awards 2024, but will also be found in a database of the Austrian jazz scene that is as complete as possible in the long term.

The observation period for the Austrian Jazz Awards 2024 begins on 1 January 2022 and ends on 15 August 2024.

You will need the following information or documents for each music project:

  • Name of the music project (please fill out one form per project)
  • Short text characterizing the project
  • List of participating musicians
  • Photograph
  • Link to videos and audios (in addition to your entry in the mica database)
  • Surname, first name of the person submitting the petition – will not be published
  • Accessibility (Tel.Nr. / e-mail address) – will not be published

For which category do you want to apply?

  • "Best Live Act": Link to a cinematic documentation of a live performance during the observation period
  • "Best Album": Link to an album released during the observation period
  • "Best Newcomer": In addition to the film and/or album, a short text on the career path so far

Optional: Link to a webpage with further information/materials on the submitted music project

Academy Registration Conditions

If you are professionally active in any form in the field of jazz/improvised music/world music in Austria - as a journalist, as an organizer, as a musician, as a teacher, as a label owner/producer, as a booker, as a sound engineer, etc. – we invite you to take part in the nomination process and contribute your expertise.

From August 16, 2024, you will then have the opportunity to award 3 points or 2 points or 1 point to three of the submitted music projects in each of the three categories “Best Live Act”, “Best Album” and “Best Newcomer”. The 10 projects with the highest number of points from the Academy per category are ultimately considered nominated for the Austrian Jazz Awards 2024. You also have the opportunity to encourage musicians or music projects to participate (end of submission deadline: August 15, 2024)

Please apply using the “Academy Registration” form. You will need the following information:

  • Name, First Name
  • Email address and phone number.
  • Type of professional activity in the field (short description)
  • Link to this activity

You will be notified as quickly as possible about your inclusion in the “Academy” (the nominating expert committee) of the Austrian Jazz Awards 2024. If we have any questions, we will contact you.